Intstalab 360 Video Booth
The slowmotion solutions for your event business
Our 360 Video Booth is a true beauty — sturdy, safe and easy to use, featuring high video quality and customizability
Instalab 360 Video Booth is a great entertainment for any type of event and a tool to create captivating media content.

The devil's in details! A robust wheeled case makes transportation a breeze. Setting up takes 5 minutes. Built-in LED lights are an eye-catcher. We even thought of a dedicated power bank holder.

Our software is intuitive to use — creating and publishing videos is as simple as it gets.

As for support, we're there for you. We made a Telegram community where you can ask us as well as other booth owners anything about video-booth, get and share promotional materials.
Видеоспиннер Инсталаб 360
This is how it works
14 cm — stylish, comfortable and safe to use
Easy to assemble
26kg and no extras
Low height
Ready in 5 minutes
Low weight
Built-in LED lights
Setting the mood of your party
Crafted by professional engineers at our lab in Skolkovo — the Silicon valley of Russia
Full control
With Instalab 360 Software
Hardware features
Protects the equipment and makes it easy to transport
Wheeled case
Fits up to 3 persons
Optimal capacity
Total safety
There's no counterweight to create inertia and the engine stops immediately upon impact
Powerful and user-friendly solution to create captivating high quality videos
Booth 360 Software
Full control of the platform
A single button starts rotation and recording. Once the recording is finished, the software stops the platform, processes and uploads your video to the cloud.

NVIDIA GPU acceleration allows to process videos within 15 seconds.
Cloud galleries
Галерея для видео-селфи
Videos are uploaded to the cloud
Guests scan QR-code and get to your gallery, where they can download or email their videos
Add a tablet or a big screen
Open the gallery on a tablet for your guests to watch and send their videos or broadcast everything on a big screen
Build the gallery into your website
The galleries are fully customizable
Галерея для видео-селфи
Buy an Instalab 360 Video Booth
The lowest running costs and highest ROI in the photo booth industry
Platform, Software and Cloud gallery
  • Instalab 360 Video Booth (no LEDs)
  • Instalab 360 Software
  • Video sharing: 1 gallery, 5Gb
Comfort + ring light, laptop stand, powerbank and a website
  • + Ring light
  • + Laptop stand
  • + 20 000mAh Powerbank
  • Video sharing: 3 galleries (20Gb) + a website to publish on your own domain
Instalab 360 Video Booth
Instalab 360 Software
Cloud services
1 gallery, 5Gb
2 galleries, 10Gb
3 galleries, 20Gb
Robust wheeled case
Built-in LED lights
WiFi adaper
Ring light for GoPro
Laptop stand
20000mAh Powerbank
Promotional website with a built-in video gallery to publish on your domain
Additional equipment
Powerful laptop
Windows 10, Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM
Video card — certain NVIDIA models
Yougnuo YN360 5500K or any other video lights will do
Gopro 6 / 7 / 8 Black
We recommend using GoPro 7 Black
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